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Muna Jafferji. Aromatherapist and totally visually impaired.Posted on7:31 pm - Jun 20, 2017

The whole treatment of having an Alexander lesson and then an Option Process® dialogue, together in one afternoon, was very, very soothing and comfortable and much appreciated.

Zhenya Roitman. Technical Analyst. Diagnosed with MS.Posted on7:31 pm - Jun 20, 2017

A dialogue with Helen is a spiral free loving experience. In the dialogues with Helen she stays super alert, creative and helpful.

Karen Amber Leafe. Foster parent, writer and jazz singer.Posted on7:34 pm - Jun 20, 2017

A dialogue has immediate benefits and quickly enables a balanced perspective. Also the Option Process® dialogue does not leave me feeling tired like some therapies; it brings me immediately improved clarity and focus and relieves the burden of confusing emotion that sometimes builds up when I experience myself under pressure.

Dr D. Shakambet MD. Principal. Academy for Bio regulatory Medicine.Posted on7:35 pm - Jun 20, 2017

I am very grateful for your teaching at the academy and I would like to invite you on a continual basis to provide lectures and tutorials ship in psychological modules of the bioregulatory Medicine course. I am looking forward to continual cooperative work in applying the wonderfully simple and effective option process in widening the scope of the practitioner’s ability to guide their patients.

Roy Roberts, blues musician diagnosed with MS in 2011Posted on7:37 pm - Jun 20, 2017

Helen’s presence brings a spiritual energy to the foreground to facilitate healing energy. I have been feeling better in working with her.

Matt. Music industry, LondonPosted on7:38 pm - Jun 20, 2017

I have had a number of dialogues with Helen, each one of them rewarding and helpful. The format’s simplicity allows for a relaxed session with no pressure to move in any particular direction, and yet always ending up with a useful one. I find Helen a wonderful, calming force which is conductive to a productive session.

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